Remote first companies – Hiring challenges

Remote first companies

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Remote first companies – Hiring challenges

Remote first companies

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Remote culture was widely associated with tech companies prior to 2020 and accelerated by pandemic lockdowns we had to adapt to new but already known models.

Nearly after two years after the pandemic and the COVID 19 lockdowns new ways to collaborate and work arise in a challenging environment.

Before Covid 19 perks at the office specially in tech startups or tech related companies were associated with in office perks, these mean for example better office spaces, spaces for meditation, wellness, free meals and games all over the floor.But everything change to redefine culture in a remote first company policy.

Workforce and collaborators are more than prepared with a toolset that allows them to be more productive in their jobs when they have the freedom and flexibility with clear objectives and goals as many studies had shown and we are going to share in this blogpost with ones that are the new ways of collaboration in 2022.


What is remote first company?

Remote first companies adopt a remote first working default mode of work, they prioritize remote as a key part of their culture, companies establish protocols, provide guidelines and all the necessary tools to thrive in getting the objectives and goals hit.

Organization in a remote first company;


High speed connections, hardware and software are required in order to get the best of the tools, making clear that anyone uses the best of technology in order to be clearly heard and seen to communicate.

Zoom is a very useful tool that can increase productivity since you can arrange in a calendar your meetings with the description and link for your conference up to 2 to thousands of participants.

Meetings in teams

Teams need proper organization and need to have daily, weekly and bi weekly meetings to put in place and follow up projects,

Accessible documentation and collaboration

Having all the documentation in a drive for collaboration properly organized its the best way to organize around a repository, a repository is a drive in which you establish a nomenclature, naming and kind of files you can encounter by category, date of creation, owners and privileges.



Remote only companies

Remote first prioritizes remote work, it still has some kind of office space to provide flexibility. While remote only companies completely eliminate office space making their default and only option.

Usually it is useful for smaller companies or companies whose employees are international teams opt in for this model.Setting up international offices in each and every country is very unrealistic when you have less than 10 employees per country.


What is the hybrid working mode?

Hybrid working companies are defined as companies that use both of the best worlds combining remote and traditional office workers. Usually they combine all tool sets used by remote first companies and


Advantages and disadvantages

While there’s no particular reason to opt for one or another, each one has their advantages and disadvantages depending on the particular operation your company takes and needs.

Remote first companies has all the structure to support in company hours leaving just to some particular departments operate remotely , many see as a privilege, some departments need to have face to face meetings with clients so in that case it has more sense to operate in office to attend meetings with client or suppliers if that’s the case.

Culture is one of the most important subjects to keep in mind, building a culture that transcends location is a better approach to take care of your collaborators.

One of the most important assets in a company are people, people wellness where they feel heard and taken care of and your people and culture team build  secure spaces where everyone can express themselves, communicate and contribute beyond performance. It’s a great approach to build employee pride and see how teammates go for the extra mile.


Hiring employees for a remote first company

Building international staff companies require a strong background check  in order to do the proper due diligence before hiring.The cost of a bad hire and later resignation or compromise of your data can cost a lot more than you think.

Emptor can help you in the screening and hiring phase in order to do the proper due diligence with automated background checks for your potential new collaborators.


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