Recruitment techniques 6 best practices

Recruitment techniques

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Recruitment techniques 6 best practices

Recruitment techniques

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Recruitment techniques to follow in order to find top talent for your company in 2023

Companies need talented and skilled people who perform and hit objectives in order to get into quarterly goals and also need people who will be a good fit for your company culture at the same time in order to build a great organization.

Getting these strategies in place can take a lot of time and effort, but with the right recruitment techniques you can speed up the process.In this blogpost we share 7 best practices in recruitment techniques to attract, hire and retain top talent.Keep reading.


1.Implement a company culture applicants find attractive

A value based culture needs to attract the best and the brightest talent to your company, in order to be aligned you need to aim to offer a challenging work  environment and promote work life balance. Core values need to be imprinted in every statement and teams need to be aligned with that vision.

A common practice in recruitment techniques to do this is communicate values, how decisions are made and how employees are treated.

Promoting work life balance and wellness to employees and their families make them feel protected and cared for.

2.Optimize and make the most of your SEO Search engine optimization

One of the most beneficial best practices is to optimize your careers page for SEO, including a solid keyword research to enrich your job positions.Improve your visibility with SEO in order to attract qualified applicants, candidates who are already interested in that job positions.


3.Write great job descriptions

Write very short sentences in a very conversional and personal tone, use attributes of top performers, share details of daily tasks, skills, qualifications and experience needed to deliver what your company expects of that particular job position.

Aim to attract the best fit candidate, rehearsal their experience and list all their soft and hard skill they need to have, use the same language and keywords they use in their day to day to write the best job position description and post at least two different ads, test A/B and optimize in order to convert.

A Job description in detail

A job description is a detailed approach to everyday tasks. These positions are going to be accountable, setting objectives on a daily basis and setting performance reviews.

Some of the main benefits of a clear job description might be:

  • Shows to the collaborator what is expected from the company point of view
  • Bring detailed information to the applicant who can relate with the skills needed and assess if it’s a fit for that position
  • Helps to establish clear objectives and goals to evaluate performance

Job description elements

Tasks and responsibilities

Establish daily tasks in order to outline collaboration between teams and that particular position, trace key metrics to deliver weekly reports in order to keep track of progress.

Relevant skills

Include a list of relevant skills necessary to perform daily tasks and what a candidate needs to have in order to thrive, how success looks like in that position.

Performance standards

Outline qualitative and quantitative standards, deliverables, timelines required to successfully perform the job.

Job authority and seniority

Establish seniority, and organizational charts in order to follow the command chain to collaborate and report efficiently.


Hiring remote

4.Optimize for mobile

With explosive growth of mobile devices and smartphones, internet is mobile.Choosing the right platform for talent sourcing requires that all your career pages, landing pages and application can be optimized for mobile.One of the most convenient way to apply for a job is on your phone, make sure all your pages are optimized and also run a speed test in order to execute mobile pages on different browsers and devices.

5.Apply recruitment techniques and marketing  principles

Employee motivation.- Happy collaborators are productive employees who recommend your company, make sure everyone is heard and feel appreciated by their team in order to perform better.

Career growth path.- A clear career plan in place for every employee it’s a clear sign of growth, when someone new get into your company want to see progression, progression is a metric that can be develop

6.Employee referrals program

Your employees are your best promoters, make sure they share their experience working at your company, the challenges , the setbacks, the wins, how their team support them in order to thrive, make sure they help you in communicating all those experiences and make them be your main promoters, entice new top talents with a sneak peak of what look like work at your company .

Applying recruitment techniques can take you to another level in order to attract and retain top talent. If applied correctly you can start putting in place an ongoing machine of talent pool.


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