Recruiting funnel – Everything you need to know

recruiting funnel

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Recruiting funnel – Everything you need to know

recruiting funnel

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With a stable market,  more often than never before, employees and top talent are jumping between companies.

In order to attract a stable candidate pool you need to measure in every step of the process how efforts are made, by building a great funnel, you can tweak  and adjust

One useful tool to explain recruiting funnels  is the comparison with the marketing funnel, if you are not familiar with the marketing funnel we can compare both of them in order to review the recruiting funnel in detail.


Marketing funnel


The marketing funnel is built with 5 stages in order to  comprehend a customer buyer’s journey, the customer moves between stages and a great way to improve customer experience, is to move them between stages by given the proper information to make a decision.

Awareness.- The first stage of the funnel, top of funnel, where your customer has a problem or a job to be done, he’s aware that he has something to improve but he doesn’t have the proper tool, or software or product to solve it, he barely can name he’s pain, after this stage he’s fully aware.

Consideration.-In these stage we start to consider and compare solutions in order to inquire about something more specific, we gather information to make a decision.

Conversion.- These stage involves a form a unique value proposition where you name benefits and features, comparing your product / service with your own competitors and making crystal clear why you are the best option ,also can include a quotation, an appointment and finally we buy the product / service.

Loyalty.-When we have had a great buying experience we become loyal to a brand, product or service,  and we become regular buyers to them.

Advocacy.- The last stage of the funnel is when receptive individuals to your loyalty programs become your advocates and through a program they refer your product or service to their friends/ colleagues or family in exchange for more benefits.

Delivering content in every stage of the funnel requires answer and bringing up the frequently asked questions in order to solve successfully every concern that your customer may have.


Hiring remote


Recruiting funnel


The recruiting funnel requires to plan every step and stage of the process, lets jump into detail in order to know more of every stage;



The awareness stage is the top of the funnel, this is your first impression, where recruitment marketing takes place through SEO search engine optimization , Job posting in social media, e – mail marketing and search engine ads.

Awareness drive potential candidates and you need to know their pains, you need to trace a clear path to application in order to speak to candidate needs.

By sharing your employer value proposition and how it is working within your company, how your company offer for example:

  • Remote jobs
  • Flexibility
  • Paid time off
  • Paid time off for sick days
  • Bonuses
  • A clear growth plan for every position


Having a strong employer branding helps to educate candidates about your company, benefits, perks and everything they need to know about working in your company.



Enticing potential candidates about the job position(s)  you have available you guide your traffic to careers page or a landing page in order to apply to an open position. In this stage you need to make your job descriptions interesting , exciting and engaging, you have to keep in mind that top talent are flooded with great opportunities.

Top talent aren’t always looking for a job, active candidates are proactively looking for jobs while passive candidates will consider a better job opportunity if the right offer come to knock at their door and they will consider switch jobs if the offer is good enough.


Next stage in recruiting funnel is application, in this stage it is imperative to take potential candidates from your career page to your application page.

In the application process you want to be as specific and punctual as it gets, you want to drive applicants as many as possible, hiring is a numbers game and you need to make the most of it. You can also start tracking:

How many applications you get vs how many seen the position, a conversion rate optimization strategy and testing A/B your job post ads.


Now is the time to turn potential collaborators into real candidates through screening rounds. In this stage it is important to know that we are at the middle of the funnel and we need to remove candidates that simply aren’t right and don’t fit into your culture, once doing this you filter the best top talent and move them into the next step.


For many companies here’s where the real evaluation begins, assessment of Skill , knowledge , experience, hard skills, soft skills takes place, even business case scenarios may be asked.

Evaluation stage consider performance and willingness to interact and bring the best of their knowledge and experience, trough the process we assess who is the best candidate to get the offer.


This is the final stage where you send an offer to the perfect candidate, it is important to mention that the onboarding sessions are one of the most important factor of success when it come into hiring stage.


Frequently asked questions

Q.How can organizations improve their recruiting funnel?

A.Organizations can improve their recruiting funnel by using data and analytics to identify areas for improvement, streamlining the process to reduce time-to-hire, and improving candidate experience to attract top talent.

Q.What are some common challenges organizations face in the recruiting funnel?

A.Some common challenges organizations face in the recruiting funnel include a lack of qualified candidates, a slow hiring process, poor candidate experience, and difficulty in finding a good cultural fit.

Q.How can organizations measure the effectiveness of their recruiting funnel?

A.Organizations can measure the effectiveness of their recruiting funnel by tracking metrics such as time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, candidate experience, and quality of hire. By analyzing these metrics, organizations can identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions.

Q.What role does technology play in the recruiting funnel?

A.Technology plays a significant role in the recruiting funnel, with many organizations using applicant tracking systems, video interviewing software, and other tools to streamline the process and improve efficiency. However, it’s important to remember that technology should be used to support and enhance the recruiting process, not replace human interaction and decision-making.


Emptor helps you in screening stage

Every step of the process matter to deliver a great strategy to hire and retain top talent, but it is important to stand out that all new hires should undergo a background check prior to any official hiring in order to protect the company from harm, through performing proper due diligence.

Emptor can provide companies with fast and reliable background checks so that you can rest assured that you are hiring the correct people for open positions, feel free to book a free demo by clicking on the image.



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