How we combine technology and legal experts to ensure safety

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How we combine technology and legal experts to ensure safety

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Emptor recently performed a background check on a particular individual who failed the automatic check, our system told us he had allegedly been arrested for human trafficking. However, before dismissing his record, our team of legal experts stepped in to perform a more in-depth investigation and found out that the person involved in this case was not the accused criminal, but merely shared the same name as the person in question. In fact, they also shared the same nationality and birth year.

If we did not have a manual review process accompanying the automatic revision, we would not have been able to detect that the person we verified was innocent and only held the same name as the criminal.

Emptor stands out in the market of identity verification software because we are able to give a holistic review of each individual that passes through our software. We believe safety and fairness are equally important in a hiring process and aim to excel in both. This means, not only running a comprehensive background check but making sure to perform all the due diligence so as not to cost an innocent person a job.

Keep reading to discover why we believe that a hybrid approach is the best way to provide trust to both our customers and people looking for new opportunities.

Combining technology with legal experts

At Emptor, we believe that our hybrid approach integrating an automated platform with a review by legal experts is the most efficient and trustworthy solution. Our robust API is connected to +500 live sources across Latam. This enables us to get results that would take humans days or weeks on their own, yet we get them in a matter of seconds. After passing the automated check, if there are any records found for a given individual, it is our team’s duty to determine whether the record found meets the previously agreed upon criteria to approve or reject the candidate.

A likely scenario is that the record failed because there is more than one person with the same name, a homonym. A common example is the name “José Alvarez,” which could apply to thousands of people. It is possible that the person who applied for the position does not have a criminal record, but our system would fail them if someone with the same name and details does have one. At this point, our manual review process comes into play as our team works to identify whether the person you’re considering hiring is the one associated with the record in question.

Emptor strives to go above and beyond, supplementing our automated review with human eyes and expertise to make the right decision

Emptor uses human processing capabilities to perform a more in-depth review of the specifics surrounding each failed case, always ensuring an understanding of the social implications in any given situation.

Providing a second chance

For us, identity verification is as much about creating a safe workplace as it is about fairness.

When a record comes back as failed, our manual review process comes into play. We begin to analyze some of the following:

  • Evidence of a homonym
  • Record type prompting a red-flag
  • Evidence of criminal activity
  • Extenuating circumstances
  • Additional client verification criteria (personalized by the company)


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Ultimately, there is no better approach to identity verification than a hybrid model. By combining our sophisticated search, reporting, and profiling platform with our team of legal experts, we provide an extra layer of trust and an equal chance for all individuals applying to a position. That’s how we build trust in a matter of seconds.

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