Hiring remote – What to look for into an ideal candidate

Hiring remote

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Hiring remote – What to look for into an ideal candidate

Hiring remote

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Remote hiring is here for staying, after two long post Covid years, the great resignation and returning to office, companies need more than ever re – invent themselves in order to adapt and be more resilient and competitive in these 2022.

When hiring remote workforce there are some considerations to look for and aim to attract and retain top talent, some of the best practices to look when hiring remote collaborators  are:


Soft skills

Self motivation is a must


Get things done is one of the most important asset when it comes to hit objectives in order to pursue important milestones. Self motivation and laser focus are two of the most important skills to hit significant targets, objectives and goals.

Not being at a cubicle and without some manager reviewing your daily to do list, you need to trust completely in who you are hiring  in order to deliver.

Whenever you can in the interview ask the potential candidate about their performance and self motivation in previous positions, its essential to get things done without someone looking over them shoulder, you have to be sure that they are not just able to brainstorm but to execute.


Hiring remote

Communication skills


For every single position in the company, communication skills are a very important and you need pay special attention to these categories:


Active listening requires paying close attention and listen carefully to what others are saying, clarifying questions and ensure understanding can make a proper conversation on track.

Non verbal communication

Body language, hand gestures, eye contact demonstrates you are focus in conversation.Nonverbal cues convey how a person is feeling in the conversation.

Clarity and concision

The ability to make your point clearly and directly in all formats, in person, on email, be straight to the point.


In interaction with other we need to be confident. A firm but friendly tone show that you are


Respect a point of view and listen to others


If yo convey respect to people´s ideas they will have more confident, simply by establish eye contact, call a person by he’s / her name and active listening can bring a stronger perception of being heard


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Hard skills

Solid tech stack and technology savvy


When a collaborator is working remotely or belong to a remote first company, the first thing to aim is to have:

  • Reliable internet connection
  • Modern laptop with good performance
  • When remote workers are not at a central office you need to know how they are going to cope with internet stability and good performance in order to deliver best results


Reliable judgment


Remote employees need to make decisions on a daily basis.They don’t have a manager at the corner at the office or colleagues nearby, make sure they have good judgement, asses their initiative and decision making in previous circumstances and rely on their judgment to make decisions.


When it comes to hiring remote you need to build trust


In order to succeed when it comes to hiring and retaining a talented pool of collaborators to meet your objectives as a company you need to build a strong bond and trust with your team mates.

Build a strong culture that keeps employees engaged


It exist a direct correlation between commitment and results that dictates how a collaborator deliver great work. An open and secure culture in which every element feels safe and feel heard is a strong culture.

By doing this you increase commitment and engage that finally translate into results and retention of your top talent, lower rotation rates and better results.


Taking care of employee wellness


As COVID 19 hit and confinement takes place in 2020 and 2021 was qualified as the “big resignation” employees from all over the world were burnout and see that wellness is a key part of their compensation packages, top performers ask for these kind of perks in order to make a strong commitment with a company.

A company that take care of them and their family is a great asset in their day to day.


Ensuring employee retention


Putting in place a employee retention plan need to gather and consider all these important categories to attract and retain top talent:

  • Provide training
  • Active Listening
  • A clear plan of growth within the company
  • Performance Bonuses
  • Integral Wellness programs for colleagues and family


Background screening and identity validation

As a key part of the hiring remote process you need to put in place a safe strategy to review and validate identity of your potential collaborators.

All new hires should undergo a background check prior to any official hiring in order to protect the company from harm, through performing proper due diligence. Emptor can provide companies with fast and reliable background checks so that you can rest assured that you are hiring the correct people for open positions.



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