Hiring journey-Everything you need to know

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Hiring journey-Everything you need to know

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Putting yourself in your candidates shoes is the best way to practice empathy with your collaborators.

Putting in place a great hiring journey its not an easy task, and its part of your employer branding so it need to be a great experience applying to a position within your company to be memorable and your new collaborators refer and recommend others apply to open job positions.

We share with you some of the best practices.

1.Putting in place and mapping all touch points

In a hiring journey there are many touch points in which you need to map from beginning to end in order to map

  • Viewing your job on a job board
  • Visit career pages
  • Scrolling trough your social media
  • Getting in touch of an acuqintance in your company to refer
  • Talking to someone in your talent acquisition team
  • Submitting a job application trough careers page

Make sure in every step of the process the potential new candidate is well informed, has the necessary information to make well informed decisions.

A solid first impression on your careers page, social media build a strong employer branding 3 of 4 applicants consider references before applying


Job boards or career pages receive applications, once you had received the application it is important to let now the applicant the steps of the process.Having a clear path to hiring will give them clarity of how long the entire process is going to take and what expect in each and every step of the funnel;

  • How many interviews are going to be required
  • Who is going to meet in those interviews
  • Assigning time frames and responsible you set a cadence
  • Putting in place a case studio or business case if required




Once you had move and filtered candidates that fill the position by their expertise, certifications and talent it is time to narrow the search by filtering talent with assignments and business cases, these will show you their approach and execution.

Moving the ones who had the best performance in business case and screening interviews and have the proper experience and skills. We step into the next stage in order to keep filtering in order to get top 3 candidates.


Build a robust interview process, arrange interviews, ensuring you have a rigorous process, ensure both candidate and hiring manager had confirmed, date , time and format of the interview.

Make some time to ensure to help candidates to prepare for interviews and if possible help them analyzing past interviews with a performance analysis , ensuring  they understand the format and the process.

Setup a system to remind candidates and hiring managers upcoming interviews at regular intervals to make sure they both had it in their calendar with exact date and time.


At this point candidates had invested a lot of time and effort so you need to ensure they are treated with the upmost respect and professionalism regardless of the outcome to them.

Candidates who feel they had brushed aside at these stage of the process are very likely to talk their negative experience in social media or employer review sites so follow up until the end and provide feedback to candidates who couldn’t make it trough the process.


Hiring remote


Employee onboarding is one of the most important phases when you hire, is a strategic plan to help new hires in understanding the day to day job, know projects they will be involved, specific responsibilities, work process and meetings , team mates.

New hires meet team mates and hiring managers and learn who to go or refer in case of some specific questions, during this phase it is very important hiring managers schedule some time to meet face to face regularly to have opportunity to share feedback

At the end of the process new hires need to have clear process, tools and connections to perform their jobs there’s no standard time but these can take between 4 weeks to 6 months it really depend on the role and the individual.


Emptor helps you in screening stage

Every step of the process matter from screening questions to  deliver a great strategy  in the hiring journey to hire and retain top talent, but it is important to stand out that all new hires should undergo a background check prior to any official hiring in order to protect the company from harm, through performing proper due diligence.

Emptor can provide companies with fast and reliable background checks so that you can rest assured that you are hiring the correct people for open positions, feel free to book a free demo by clicking on the image.



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