Cornershop partners with Emptor

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Cornershop partners with Emptor

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Cornershop and Emptor partner to streamline background checks for
scaling in Latin America

NEW YORK — Cornershop, one of the largest on-demand grocery delivery platforms in Latin America, is scaling its automated background check service to its shopper verification process.

Cornershop will grow their operation in partnership with Emptor, a New York based background check and risk validation company that allows businesses to conduct background checks, identity validation and data verifications instantly. This integration reduces the need for manual verifications and documentation as well as increases safety and accuracy of the process.

The partnership supports Cornershop’s scaling efforts in Latin America, keeping up with demand from consumers ordering groceries online amid global lockdowns. The collaboration will initially span across several countries in Latin America.
This is Emptor’s third major regional partnership helping companies scale in the Latin American economy, where speed and trust are essential to building a digitally-enabled workforce.


“Our partnership with Cornershop is yet another important step to bring fast, efficient background checks to increase trust and modernize Latin America,” said Gabriel Puliatti, CEO of Emptor. “We aim to serve our customers with a streamlined experience while ensuring full compliance.” This partnership with Emptor will enable Cornershop to continue to scale its hiring operations in the region.


“With the positive shift in trends for on-demand delivery services, Cornershop is committed to creating a platform that allows both our customers and Shoppers to feel safe and secure. We are excited about our partnership with Emptor to streamline our efforts and create a seamless onboarding experience in our Latin American markets. Cornershop looks forward to building a compliant framework with Emptor to meet the changing needs of this industry,” said Midra Arshed, Head of Global Compliance and Safety at Cornershop.

Above all, Emptor is committed to supporting this essential industry during the times of COVID-19.


About Cornershop


Cornershop is an on-demand delivery platform designed for consumers to browse and buy products from local supermarkets, independent grocers and specialty stores for on-demand and scheduled delivery in as little as 60 minutes. First launched in Chile and Mexico in 2015, the service is currently operating in Peru, Brazil, Colombia, United States and Canada. Visit for more information.


About Emptor


Emptor is the leading automated background check, identity validation and digital trust company in Latin America. Companies like Uber, Didi and Beat rely on Emptor to deliver automated, accurate background checks and validations. Emptor’s services are available in Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Chile and Brazil. The company was founded in 2016 and is based in New York, NY. Visit for more information.

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