Candidate background screening – How does it work?

Candidate background screening

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Candidate background screening – How does it work?

Candidate background screening

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Candidate background screening is one of the essential tools for hiring personnel. It consists of making a review of the candidates to make informed decisions when hiring.

What does a candidate background screening contemplate?

In general, a background screening consider the following aspects to ensure that the new employee will be a professional and trustworthy person:

  • Validation of criminal records
  • Identity verification
  • Verification of previous employment
  • Education Verification
  • Address confirmation
  • Personal and professional references
  • Drug use screening test
  • Driving record
  • Medical history
  • Credit history


Reviewing and evaluating each of these items contributes to greatly facilitate decision-making in personnel selection processes, since this way companies make sure they hire the right people for each position.

In addition, doing candidate background screening translates into saving time and resources in the future, since it is preferable to hire the right people from the beginning, than to find out after a serious incident has occurred that can cost the company money and Demand more HR time.

Candidate background screening is important because it is much more difficult to end the relationship with an employee than it is to conclude the selection process with a candidate.

In fact, according to the keynote by, replacing a supervisor, technician or any middle management can cost from 50%,- 60% up to several times, the annual salary of a person.

Now that it has become clear what candidate background screening contemplates and what it is done for, you are surely wondering:

How does candidate background screening work?

As you can imagine, reviewing each and every one of the items that make up a background screening can take days or even weeks if done manually. Fortunately, today there are technology-driven tools that allow you to automate one or more of the elements involved in background screening.

We will address the specific case of Emptor, a tool that automates the validation of the candidate’s criminal record and identity verification, allowing a detailed report to be obtained in a matter of minutes, all from the same platform, and with just a few clicks.

How does it work?

Simple. The recruiter provides some type of identification of the candidate – such as the CURP in the case of Mexico. When this information is already in a recruiting system like Greenhouse, the information is obtained immediately, since Emptor has the possibility of integrating into it.

Once Emptor receives this information, the system will begin to verify the identity of the candidate –essential to prevent theft and internal fraud–, then various databases will be reviewed to validate if there is a criminal record. If necessary, international sanctions are also validated.

After a few minutes, the recruiter will be able to consult the final report with the details of the search. Would you like to see it in action? Request a free demo.

As you can see, background screening does not have to be a manual and time-consuming process as it used to be, thanks to the fact that there are now various options and tools that automate the process to a great extent and translate into substantial savings in time and resources for the Human Resources area.


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