Best recruiting practices to excel, attract and retain top talent

Best recruiting practices

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Best recruiting practices to excel, attract and retain top talent

Best recruiting practices

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Hiring and retaining top talent


Recruiters, talent acquisition and HR of large organizations and companies agree when it comes to mind, attract an retain top talent is getting harder after the great resignation, a phenomenon that took over corporate world after the pandemic.

Nowadays is harder and companies need to be working in their employer value proposition and branding in order to attract the right talent.

With that in mind we share some of the best practices for recruiting in 2022.

Best recruiting practices #1 -Go mobile


Responsiveness in mobile isn’t just important for conversion and Search engine optimization, According to studies 70% of jobseekers are searching new opportunities on mobile.

 Optimize for smartphones, tablets and most common screen sizes, be empathetic.If experience is disrupted by pop ups, ads, and in general isn’t optimized for mobile , potential candidates might not be engaged further with your company due to a bad UX-UI.



Best recruiting practices #1 Remote work stays

Hybrid , remote and flex work its the new normal

Pandemic created the necessity for these working model, although many companies are opting to bring back employees to offices some have adapt these new ways of collaboration.

Business benefit and productivity goes high when employees feel flexibility, when motivated they boost productivity and accountability.

When your company establish clear objectives and smart goals can trace progress trough many agile saas. Companies prioritizing  remote and flex work have experienced up to 137% high headcount growth.


Best recruiting practice #2 Look into your own advocates

Your current employees might be the source of infinite possibilities in your recruitment activities.

In some cases your employees can help in recruitment and talent acquisition  in exhcange for some benefits and rewards.

Put in place a clear policy of rewards and benefits for some referrals:

  • Paid time off (PTO) 
  • Bonuses
  • Gift cards

By simply ask your employees to share in their social media profiles your pool of talent can become much larger if you tap into your employees network.



Best recruiting practices #3 Look for candidates who aren’t looking


A passive approach is publish and pray, motivated companies know that the best talent isn’t necessarily looking for opportunities and must be solicited proactively.

Many studies had shown that top talent aren’t looking for new opportunities.

Approach to someone who already is in a project / company,  must be due in a very respectful way, since they are loyal to their current employers, acknowledge the great work the have done for many years and be prepared for a great new proposal taking in mind all the benefits they already have in their current position.

Look for top performers that can have a great impact in your company, look for soft and hard skills and keep in mind be aligned with your vision, explore, ask questions and be as clear as you can in order to build rapport and trust, then ask if they are willing to consider new opportunities.


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Best practice #5 Your social branding matters


Employer branding is what others say about your company.

A great candidate experience help you with advocates, happy employees share their experience of working with your company and a great candidate experience speaks for itself, be aware of your social branding and your company reputation ,  It is one of your most important assets and needs to be nurture.


Humanize your company recruiting process


Avoid friction and eliminate tedious application process, empathize in your candidates journey.

Anticipate all the common questions your potential collaborator might have and be clear about all the benefits and promises your company can provide.

Establish a clear follow up process, you can make the most with technology:

  • Provide a clear candidate journey 
  • How many interviews it will take before get hired?
  • With whom the candidate might be interviewed
  • What is expected to be delivered, for example ; a case study or a clear example of execution
  • Technical interview
  • Cultural fit interview
  • Team members interview
  • Panel to present your case scenario
  • A clear plan of action in 30 , 60 , 90 days
  • Automated emails providing common question candidate might have
  • Follow up calls to provide information and estimate time of hiring


Internal mobility Up – skilling , Re- Skilling


Your next great hire can be an existing employee, internal mobility comes into play.

By leveraging internal mobility you are developing and promoting collaborators that already know your product, service, culture, these actions and strategies result in two great outcomes:

Retention: employees who know they have room to grow and develop their skills remain with your organization.

Morale & culture: improve for the same reasons, collaborators feel appreciated and feel proud of their job. 


Data driven recruiting


Use data and not assumptions when it comes to hiring and recruiting, by using technology you can reduce costs, focus on the best channels to hire and determine the ROI return of investment on your advertising spent or ROAS Return on investment over advertise spend.

Key metrics might include:

  • Time to hire
  • Days in stage
  • Cost per hire
  • Time to fill out a position
  • Offer sent and acceptance rate


Use an ATS Applicant tracking system


Applicant tracking system can improve your recruiting process as make your talent acquisition faster and facilitate collaboration during hiring allowing involve many stakeholders throughout the recruitment process.

Hiring and retaining top talent might be a complicate task, when you apply the best practices and keep in mind aligning your company vision and your employee value proposition the right talent comes to your company and bring their skillset to contribute to a greater mission, people will get involved with an exciting company that takes care of them.

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