Background checking meaning

Background checking meaning

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Background checking meaning

Background checking meaning

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How can you ensure that a candidate is trustworthy and has a clean record? Generally, what is done is to review certain public sources to verify that the applicant does not have a criminal record.


But what happens when there are many more vacancies to fill and you have to repeat this same process that can take hours or even days?


This is where automated background checks come in to simplify and improve the recruiting process. Next, we will explain what background checks consist of.


Background checking meaning

What are background checks?

Background checks are automatic checks where it is corroborated in various public sources whether or not the candidate has a criminal record. Yes, you read right, automatic. This means that you will no longer have to spend time, resources and effort researching the background of the candidates who apply to vacancies or open positions in your company. Now you can perform the criminal record check in a matter of seconds.


Now you must be wondering: how does that work? How do I know if it’s believable? What does the step-by-step process look like?


Don’t worry, we will clarify these doubts below.


How do background checks work in LATAM?

To give you a real and concrete example of what background checks are and how they work, we will tell you about the 3 steps involved in what we do at Emptor for the Latin American region:


1. Candidate information is entered

The user provides the required candidate information on the Emptor platform. What type of information? Basically, official documents or citizen identification keys that, in the case of Mexico, would be the CURP.

Emptor will adapt to the relevant laws and regulations of each Latin American country to guarantee the protection and correct treatment of personal data.


2. The artificial intelligence system starts the criminal background check

Once the candidate’s information is entered, Emptor’s artificial intelligence (AI) system will begin scanning and validating criminal records by consulting more than 500 public official sources.

While the AI ​​is doing the above, the status on the platform will change to “pending”.


3. The result of the criminal record validation is obtained

After a few seconds, the status will change from “pending” to the verdict that the search returned, either passed, failed, or pending manual review.

Manual review is a unique feature of the background checks we perform at Emptor.

It is carried out by our team of legal experts, who thoroughly review the case of the rejected prospect to determine each particular situation and correct, if applicable, the final verdict.

Thanks to this double filter, unnecessary blocking of potential candidates is avoided and, consequently, the rate of approved candidates is increased by up to 98%.



Easy, fast and accurate recruitment

Background checks are becoming the preferred recruiting tool for many Latin American companies and startups such as Kavak, Unosquare and Cornershop. Why? Because it allows them to easily, quickly and safely hire candidates who are reliable and who do not represent a future risk for the company.


What are you going to use the time you’ll save by having a smart tool like Emptor?


As you have seen, in just a few clicks you will be able to carry out criminal record validation through a friendly and easy-to-use dashboard – which can also be connected with other programs and applications through the API to speed up and simplify your recruitment workflows.


Emptor also allows bulk upload of candidates so this process is fully scalable as are its benefits.

If you also want a selection and recruitment process that gives you total confidence and security instantly, do not hesitate to contact us.


And if you’d like to see our process in action, you can request a free demo here or learn more about the benefits of background checks here.



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