5 reasons to automate background check process

background check process

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5 reasons to automate background check process

background check process

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“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.” – Bill Gates

We understand that building an efficient hiring process is difficult, and a bad hire can set you back in more ways than one. Properly managing a candidate pipeline,  interviewing, and onboarding people are all part of a complex orchestration. If you’ve ever been involved with hiring there is no doubt that you found yourself overwhelmed. With so many concerns in mind,  you may have felt tempted to leave a candidate background check towards the end of your process or skip it altogether.

We understand why – running candidate background checks requires a lot of manual work. If you have a small team already, this can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. Though this process can surely become tedious, with an automated solution such as Emptor’s, running candidate verifications can become an easy step in your overall workflow.

Five reasons to automate your background check process:

1- Onboard quickly

As you probably already know, manually verifying your applicants’ background is a time drain. In fact, according to the HireRight Employment screening benchmark report, reducing time-to-hire is the number one screening issue companies face.

Not only do you have to go through multiple sources and databases to get a full picture of someone’s history, but these results are often filled with hard to interpret legal terms. In addition, if you are working with candidates of different nationalities, you have to navigate distinct regulations and legal documents, lengthening the process even further.

Implementing a solution like Emptor’s will allow you to automate this process, saving hundreds of man-hours, while verifying candidates in multiple databases at a time. The best part is that results are ready in less than two minutes, and if you choose, you could hire a candidate immediately!

2- Protect your brand and customers

Gaining customer trust as you scale is a long and gradual process. It only takes one negative incident due to a bad hire and your company could tarnish its reputation.
You surely wouldn’t want someone who was previously accused of assault to be transporting your customers around the city.

As you expand your operations, customer safety becomes an even bigger priority. By making sure customers are in good hands you’ll scale your company while feeling at ease.

Furthermore in Mexico, Chile, and Argentina, more than 20% of convicted criminals are repeat offenders. Even though there is no way to fully guarantee that your hires will not engage in illegal or criminal activity, performing a background check is the first step in mitigating that risk and keeping your customers safe.

3- Optimize your screening process

47% of HR and risk professionals agree that improving overall efficiency in the screening process is one of the top challenges faced when recruiting candidates. This is no surprise when you consider all the steps and tools involved during the recruiting process. Background checks in particular can be inefficient due to the number of sources needed to get a complete picture of a candidate’s background.

Fortunately, this is the Internet of Things (IoT) era, and it is now easier than ever to integrate different technologies with one another.

Integrating a solution like Emptor’s with your Applicant Tracking System or existing workflow, allows you to verify your candidates right from the moment they submit an application. Thus streamlining your entire process, and providing you with essential information even before you start interviewing.

4- Cut costs

At the most basic level, automating the review process for new candidates can reduce operational costs. In fact, Emptor clients save thousands of dollars by automating this process.

By deploying capital away from manual operations, your overall business can become more profitable.  In addition, implementing an extra layer of trust against potential lawsuits and fines will protect your company in the long term.

5- Prevent fraud

According to the 2020 global study on occupational fraud and abuse one-third of employee fraud cases occur because companies lack internal controls.

Just as businesses implement firewalls to protect themselves from cyber-attacks and alarm systems to secure their offices, if you want to reduce the risk of occupational fraud, performing a background check should be the first step in your hiring process.

According to All Business, “The typical occupational fraud will cost a company between $10,000 and $500,000 and only 65% of victim companies recover 25% or less of the stolen funds.” By performing a pre-employment background screening you’ll be adding an extra layer of protection against fraud, thus confirming that you are hiring someone you can trust.

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