The 5 essential hiring tools in 2023

Hiring tools

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The 5 essential hiring tools in 2023

Hiring tools

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Hiring tools play a critical role in the current job market as they help streamline the recruitment process, increase efficiency, and find top-quality candidates. With the rise of technology and the ever-growing competition for talent, it has become essential for businesses to utilize tools that can help them make informed hiring decisions, save time, and reduce the costs associated with the recruitment process. These tools also provide valuable insights into the candidate pool and help organizations stay ahead of the curve in a constantly evolving job market.

1.Online assessments

Online assessments are digital tools that help organizations evaluate candidates’ skills, abilities, and personality traits. They typically include aptitude tests, personality tests, cognitive ability tests, and other similar assessments that are designed to measure various aspects of a candidate’s fit for the job. These tools are typically administered online and provide instant results, making them a quick and convenient way to evaluate a large number of candidates.

The benefits of using online assessments in the hiring process include:

  1. Objective evaluation of candidates: Online assessments provide objective, data-driven evaluations of candidates that are free from personal biases or subjective opinions.
  2. Time-saving: They allow organizations to quickly and efficiently evaluate large numbers of candidates, saving valuable time and resources.
  3. Increased accuracy: Online assessments can help organizations make more informed hiring decisions by providing valuable insights into a candidate’s fit for the job.
  4. Reduced costs: By streamlining the evaluation process, online assessments can help reduce the costs associated with the recruitment process.

Some of the top online assessment solutions available in 2023 include:

  1. Talview
  2. Pymetrics
  3. HireVue
  4. Workable
  5. Indeed Assessments
  6. Pre-Hire 360


Hiring and retaining top talent

2.Employee referral software

Employee referral software is a digital tool that enables organizations to leverage their existing employees’ networks to source potential candidates for open positions. The software typically operates by allowing employees to refer their friends, family, or professional contacts to the organization, either through a web portal or by sharing a referral link. When a referred candidate is hired, the referring employee typically receives a referral bonus or other recognition.

The software tracks and manages the referral process, from the initial referral to the final hiring decision. This includes sending reminders to employees to make referrals, tracking the status of referred candidates, and reporting on the effectiveness of the referral program. Employee referral software also integrates with the organization’s existing HR systems, such as applicant tracking systems, to ensure a seamless and efficient process.

3.Applicant tracking system ATS

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software solution designed to automate and streamline the recruitment process. It typically works by collecting and organizing information about job applicants, such as resumes, cover letters, and other application materials. The ATS scans and evaluates candidate information to determine whether they meet the minimum qualifications for a given job, and then categorizes them accordingly.

The ATS also allows recruiters and hiring managers to track the progress of applicants throughout the hiring process, from initial screening to final selection. This includes scheduling interviews, sending communications to candidates, and maintaining a record of all interactions and feedback. In addition, some ATS solutions offer built-in analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing organizations to measure the effectiveness of their recruitment process and identify areas for improvement. Overall, the use of an ATS helps organizations save time, reduce costs, and make more informed hiring decisions by providing a centralized, efficient, and data-driven approach to recruitment.

Top ATS solutions available in 2023 include:

  1. JazzHR
  2. Lever
  3. iCIMS
  4. Workable
  5. BambooHR
  6. Jobvite
  7. SmartRecruiters
  8. Greenhouse
  9. Copper
  10. Breezy HR

These solutions are known for their robust features, ease of use, and integrations with other HR and recruitment tools, making them popular choices for organizations of all sizes and industries. However, the best ATS solution for a given organization will depend on their specific needs and requirements, and it is recommended to carefully evaluate each option to find the best fit.

4.Video Interviewing Platforms

Video interviewing is a digital recruitment tool that allows organizations to conduct initial job interviews with candidates through video conferencing. The process typically involves the candidate recording answers to pre-set interview questions, which can then be reviewed by recruiters and hiring managers.

The use of video interviewing can provide several benefits, including increased efficiency and cost savings by reducing the need for in-person interviews, improved candidate experience by allowing them to interview from a convenient location, and a more diverse candidate pool by enabling organizations to reach candidates in different geographic locations.

Video interviewing can also provide additional information about a candidate’s communication skills, such as their tone, body language, and ability to articulate their thoughts and ideas, which can be valuable in the decision-making process.

Overall, video interviewing provides organizations with a flexible and convenient way to assess candidates and make more informed hiring decisions, and is becoming increasingly popular as a recruitment tool in 2023.

Hiring a remote workforce

5.Background check services

Benefits of using background check services in the hiring process include:

  1. Improved safety: By conducting background checks on potential hires, organizations can reduce the risk of hiring individuals with a criminal history or other negative background information that could pose a threat to their workplace.
  2. Enhanced credibility: Demonstrating a commitment to conducting background checks can help organizations enhance their credibility and reputation as responsible employers.
  3. Better decision-making: Background check services provide organizations with additional information about potential hires that can help them make more informed hiring decisions.
  4. Reduced risk of turnover: By conducting background checks, organizations can reduce the risk of hiring individuals who may be unsuited for the job or likely to leave soon after being hired, saving time and resources associated with turnover.
  5. Streamlined process: Using a background check service can simplify and streamline the background check process, saving time and reducing the administrative burden on HR staff.

It’s important to note that background check services should be used in conjunction with other recruitment tools, such as job interviews, reference checks, and online assessments, to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded evaluation of candidates.


Make the most of the hiring tools

The tools that technology brings you today, such as artificial intelligence and software allow you to make decisions in less time. Emptor helps you carry out background checks and identity validation on your candidates to ensure that you are working with people you can trust.

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