New feature releases 🎉🤩📈

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New feature releases 🎉🤩📈

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Here at Emptor, we’re on a mission to create digital trust in Latin America. We’ve made key updates these past few months getting us closer to achieving this mission. If you’re interested in how your hiring and identity validation processes can benefit, read below!


Have you heard about our new dashboard?


This new dashboard was built leveraging the power of AI in order to bring the most user-friendly solution to you.


Our new dashboard allows you to:

  • Perform identity validation and background checks in seconds
  • Easily navigate across countries
  • See results in real-time
  • Upload CSV files to verify large volumes of candidates



More information equals better decision-making


Mexico 🇲🇽 – We understand that you probably want to know the details associated with failed background checks to determine whether or not to move forward with a candidate. Now you can check these details for records found in the get reports endpoint.

Ecuador 🇪🇨 – We’ve added two new documents to our already robust list of sources. Now, you have the ability to verify sanctions reports and foreigner IDs, allowing you to make safer, more informed decisions when hiring.

Brazil 🇧🇷 – We’ve added the Cadastro de Pessoa Física (CPF) report to our dashboard. This number is required by the government to perform any financial transaction like opening a bank account or applying for credit; now you just need to input the CPF number and our API will let you know the status in a matter of seconds.

As for identity validation and know your customer (KYC) compliance, now you can automatically compare the personal information provided by an individual (full name and date of birth) against the Receita Federal database to make sure the information matches. Read more here

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