7 Best practices in hiring process

Best practices in hiring

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7 Best practices in hiring process

Best practices in hiring

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Putting in place a great hiring strategy can be a hard task

A positive hiring process can strengthen your employer branding in order to attract the best talent available in the context of the great resignation.

Companies nowadays struggle to attract and retain talent due to inflexible policies 


Best practices in hiring

Establish your employer branding upfront in hiring process


Before your company start looking for talented collaborators you should figure out what’s your employer value proposition or EVP aka employer branding

An EVP is what your company promises to collaborator(s) in exchange for their talent, skills and experience. It’s a value exchange in which both get benefits.

These value exchange includes:

  • Culture
  • A clear plan for their career 
  • Growth
  • Benefits


Why do companies need EVP?

A great Employer value proposition or EVP  and its communication sharpen the identity and culture of your company in order to attract better talent and facilitate better recruitment overall.


The war for talent is even more fierce and top skill candidates have plenty of options to choose from. In order to attract top talent  you need to communicate a great culture, great benefits, perks ,flexibility and a clear path to apply to your company.


The EVP need to be led by HR and talent acquisition department, align with senior management with your company vision in mind and working philosophy


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How do you write a EVP according to best practices in hiring

Structure of a employer value proposition

  • Your company offer
  • What the competition is also offering
  • Employee experience (your offer)
  • You need to balance these three factors in order to build a great
  • EVP in a perfect balanced and alignment between company

When we talk about your culture keep in mind what keeps employees happy and engage.

Compromise comes from identification and commitment with company values.


Keep in mind these topics when writing your employee value proposition



Compensation involves competitive salaries and bonuses, also means to be flexible with.

A great salary cannot compensate for an awful work environment long term. Compensation should be your starting point by bringing competitive salaries being a guidance for the rest of the value proposition you need to keep in mind you are competing for top talent.

2.Work environment

The work environment should be high quality equipment and furniture, the setup of the office space or remote companies need to keep in mind that spaces for collaboration bring creativity and collaboration between teams.

To younger generations, work life balance and healthy workplaces and flexible working conditions are very important factors to accept an offer.

A safe and healthy collaboration environment is essential for most people. Employees and collaborators need to be heard, recognized and feel appreciated with clearly defined roles and expectations.Many people strive for autonomy and the opportunity to be innovative in order to make a meaningful contribution.


Medical, personal, paid time off, education opportunities and flexible working hours are some of the topics to keep in mind.


Core values that your company represents and stand for play the most important role.Corporate culture include a stand toward social, human or political issues.To candidates looking for long term employment it is important to share the same core values it is important to collaborate with a company you are proud of.

Cultural fit must be a must when coming to mind hiring the right candidate.Hire candidates that resonate with your company culture is essential, we all don’t have the same morals or idea (s) of what is right and wrong.


Implementing rewards for deeds and activities are important, a simple example it’s a employee referral program, rewards can be vouchers, paid time off or even holiday accommodation.


Your collaborators need to understand mission, vision, values and goals to be aligned with.

7.Clear career path progression

Understanding a clear path to grow in the company is essential to be motivated and work towards it.

Does your company nurture its employees and their talents? Does it offer free professional training and development? Is it possible to move into a leadership role within a reasonable period of time? Are there positive examples of long-standing employees who have enjoyed successful careers?

Companies whose HR marketing and employer value proposition show clear opportunities will score points with high-potential candidates.

Building a clear employee value proposition requires time, effort of different departments and stakeholders but it is worth the time to be revisited often to adjust in order to attract and retain top talent.

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